NBA Fans Railed Against LeBron James' Disgraceful Loss to Nikola Jokic

In the fourth period, LeBron James' Lakers were engaged in a battle with the Nuggets. He scored, defended Nikola Jokic, and made all the crucial plays throughout the contest.

Obviously, he failed when it counted and drew a controversial foul on Jokic in the opening minutes of the fourth quarter.

There may have been some initial touch on James' visage, but it is undeniable that the King did a little acting during that scene, and fans had a great time criticizing him for it.

LeBron should do whatever he can to assist his team in the Western Conference Finals, but his antics did not work in the second half. 

In the fourth quarter, James missed several game-altering attempts.The Lakers had a shot to win this game, and it is evident that this series will remain close for the duration.

Los Angeles is 0-2 against Denver, which is not optimal for LeBron and company. Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray, and Michael Porter Jr. enable the Nuggets to match the Lakers.

Can the Lakers Win Series?

Jamal Murray, who virtually single-handedly put the Lakers away in the second half, must be stifled by the Clippers.

This series is shaping up to be one of the best in the playoffs, so expect massive adjustments in Arena for Game 3.