New Star Wars movies follow George Lucas' blueprint, but there's a problem.

The upcoming Star Wars film is scheduled to release on George Lucas' previous schedule, but there might be a problem. 

Lucasfilm revealed the next three Star Wars films at Star Wars Celebration 2023 after years of rumors and cancellations. 

But now, only a few months after the initial announcement, the release dates for all three of the upcoming Star Wars films have been moved.

Given the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, many projects are bound to be delayed, so this isn't particularly surprising. 

But what is unexpected is that May 2026 has been set as the release date for the first of these new Star Wars movies. 

After all, all three of the most recent Star Wars sequel trilogy films were eventually released in December to tremendous commercial (if not critical) success.

And many anticipated that the same outcome would occur with the new films.

However, there is a symbolic explanation for why this feels right.