New wide receiver trade target reportedly emerge

Wide receiver trade rumors have surfaced frequently during the 2023 offseason, and now Mike Evans has been added to the list of players who might be moved

the upcoming weeks. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' four-time Pro Bowler is still under contract, but could they let go of one of the greatest players in franchise history?

In a recent piece, Mark Sessler of listed the top offseason priorities for each team in the league.

The Jets were determined to bring in a seasoned quarterback for this reason. Rodgers, undoubtedly the greatest player available, was chosen by them. However.

When it came time to discuss the Chiefs, Sessler emphasized Mike Evans as a potential trade target and stated that the team needs to trade for a star wide receiver.

"Justyn Ross is a 6' 4" intriguing object, but Kansas City is in a special place. Player development is paramount, but adding a plug-and-play superstar,

like Mike Evans of Tampa or DeAndre Hopkins of this column, would keep the Mahomes Machine one step ahead of the Bengals and Bills.

Although a DeAndre Hopkins deal has been extensively discussed, this is the first time Mike Evans has been brought up in this context.