NFL fans question DK Metcalf's video catch.

Throughout his brief career, DK Metcalf's athleticism has made the seemingly impossible seem achievable. 

But his most recent grab has even NFL fans unsure of its veracity.  In a recent video, Metcalf can be seen soaring into. 

The air to grab a pass from someone who is not seen on the screen. But this wasn't your typical catch for the.  

Seattle Seahawks receiver. Metcalf leapt to what appeared to be an impossibly high altitude. 

Grabbing the ground with one hand while his legs extended.Football fans argued about.  

Whether the footage was authentic as it went viral on social media. Some admirers. 

Appeared to be persuaded by Metcalf's height and physique that he was the real deal.  

At the 2019 NFL Draft combine, the 6-foot-4, 25-year-old recorded a 40.5-inch vertical jump.