NFL positions with highest and lowest player salaries.

After Wilson's terrible 4-11 season with a QBR of 36.7, Denver believes that Sean Payton will bring him back to life.

Wilson's $22 million cap cost is equal sixth highest among quarterbacks.

The Chiefs' starting running back, Pacheco, was a late-round draft pick who eventually won a Super Bowl.

This season, Pacheco is expected to make less than $900,000. Pacheco 

Impressively racked up 960 all-purpose yards and five touchdowns. Denver 

trusting Payton's knowledge to improve Wilson's play. Wilson's disappointing performance last year has cast doubt on his worth.

Wilson's low QBR shows how far the team still has to go.

Davidson expressed his eagerness that the ferry will float away one day soon before making a joke about throwing a party on it "if it's not sunk"