NFL World Reacts To DeAndre Hopkins's Trade Announcement 

Bryant McFadden and Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins played a smart game on Sunday.  

McFadden, who co-hosts the show "All Things Covered" with Patrick Peterson, asked Hopkins to use his body language when talking about possible places to trade with.  

Hopkins didn't like playing for the New England Patriots or the New York Jets, but he liked playing for the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs.  

"He wants to play with a good QB and doesn't wanna play with a bad QB. Ground-breaking stuff," one user tweet read.  

@mattymovesmetal This man is screaming come get me to the Chief @KcfanScott would be unstoppable #ChiefsKingdom@chief

It would be something to see Hopkins catch a pass from Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes.  

Let's see if the Bills or the Chiefs are interested in making a deal with the Cardinals soon.