Nikki Haley links teen girls' suicidal thoughts to transgender girls in locker rooms during CNN town hall.

In a CNN town hall Sunday night in Iowa, 2024 Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley linked transgender girls in sports to adolescent girl suicidal ideation.

When Jake Tapper asked her to define "woke," the former South Carolina governor and UN ambassador responded.

Haley called biological boys playing girls' sports the women's issue of our day.

She didn't know how she would have talked to her high school track-running daughter about transgender girls on teams.

How do we get girls used to biological boys in their locker room? "And then they wonder why a third

of our teenage girls seriously considered suicide last year," Haley remarked. “Strong, confident girls.”

Haley also worried about “gender pronoun classes in the military now.” “All these things that are pushing

what a small minority want on a majority of Americans?” she added. “Too much. Too much.”