Odell Beckham Jr. case verdict.

TMZ Sports reported that a lady alleged that Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

He will not be charged for wrapping his hand around her neck in a Los Angeles nightclub.

On Tuesday (May 23), prosecutors revealed that CCTV video from the club "contradicts,

the complainant witness' account of events," noting that "no battery is captured on film."

The alleged encounter occurred in Delilah, according to law enforcement officials who talked to TMZ Sports.

Beckham allegedly approached the woman and softly grasped her throat. When the original story was published in April,

A spokesman for Beckham told TMZ Sports that the former Pro Bowler had not been approached by law officials and that he had done nothing illegal.

According to TMZ Sports' sources, neither Beckham nor the woman left the nightclub during the evening. 

The woman apparently met with police "a few days later" and filed a report, according to TMZ Sports.