Off the coast of Spain, killer whales wreck a boat in the most recent orca incident.

On the Portuguese and Spanish beaches this year, there have been numerous orca-boat confrontations.Killer whales gravely damaged.  

A sailing boat off southern Spain, adding to the hundreds of orca attacks on boats this year along beaches in Spain and Portugal.

According to the local maritime rescue agency. The Atlantic Orca Working Group-GTOA, which tracks Iberian .

Orcas reported at least 20 contacts between small vessels and killer whales in the Strait of Gibraltar this month.A maritime rescue . 

Agency spokesperson said a gang of orcas rammed into the Mustique as it went to Gibraltar in the early hours of Thursday morning, breaking the rudder and piercing the hull.  

The four-person crew called Spanish authorities for help. The UK-flagged 20-metre (66-foot) yacht was rescued by a. 

Rapid-response vessel and a helicopter with a bilge pump, the statement said.The Mustique was hauled to Barbate, Cadiz, for repairs.

At least 20 small vessels and highly social apex predators have interacted in the Strait of Gibraltar this month. GTOA reported 207 contacts in 2022.