Patriots fans will be thrilled by this NFL analyst's comparison of Kayshon Boutte's ceiling.

Undoubtedly one of the most intriguing prospects in the whole 2023 NFL draft class is rookie receiver Kayshon Boutte of the New England Patriots.

After battling to recover from an ankle injury, he fell back to Earth just as rapidly as he rose to become one of the greatest receiving prospects in the country.  

He is currently a sixth-round draft pick with the Patriots, and it is uncertain whether he will even make the squad this summer.

A player of Boutte's potential might easily navigate the difficult path ahead. NFL analyst Greg Coswell made an interesting connection between Boutte and another receiver  

who was a late draft pick but ended up becoming one of the best playmakers in the NFL during an appearance on the "Inside the Birds" podcast.

He reminded Coswell of Stefon Diggs, he said. "He kind of reminded me, if he were to reach a ceiling, and that's kind of the way I always think this,  

I think, okay, this guy has certain traits that if he can play to those traits all the time, I thought there's a Stefon Diggs comparison to be made." "People will think, 'Oh my god, you're crazy,'" 

Remember that Diggs was selected 146th overall and in the fifth round of the draft out of Maryland.