Perfect trade the Falcons must offer Titans for Ryan Tannehill

The offseason has been extremely busy for the Atlanta Falcons. They made a major splash by picking running 

back Bijan Robinson in the draft, and they were one of, if not the biggest spenders in free agency.

Atlanta still has a few positions that stand out like a sore thumb, with quarterback being the most noticeable. 

Desmond Ridder will start for the Falcons at quarterback, as they are determined to discover what kind of potential the youngster has.

But if the objective is to compete, putting so much faith in a quarterback with just four NFL games under his belt is unquestionably 

an intriguing decision. Taylor Heinicke, a recently acquired backup, probably doesn't make a difference either.

To be honest, the offseason hasn't produced many truly outstanding quarterback alternatives.

However, there are a few choices that might be an improvement in the near future. The Tennessee Titans' Ryan Tannehill stands out among those choices for the Falcons.