Peter Using Venom's Powers in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Shows Gameplay

Finally, a fresh trailer for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has surfaced. After the highly anticipated sequel's announcement at Sony's 2021 PlayStation Showcase,

rumors about what would be in the next installment of Peter and Miles' superhero saga proliferated for two years. However,

developer Insomniac has now given some more specific information as the new trailer at 2023's PlayStation Showcase showed more of the game's story,

major characters, and gameplay.The Marvel's Spider-Man 2 teaser debuted as part of Sony's May 2023 PlayStation Showcase,

which mostly highlighted PlayStation's first-party studios and franchises, as had been widely speculated earlier. 

Sony had previously specified a Fall 2023 release window at the end of 2022, and rumors had suggested a September 2023 release was probably the most likely,

but the new teaser did not help to specify a specific date. The new Marvel's Spider-Man 2 trailer did, however, give an in-depth look at gameplay for both Peter and

Miles, with the former showcasing a variety of new skills because of a costume made from the Venom symbiote.