“‘Pretty Baby’ Director Questions Brooke Shields’ Identity – Guest Column.” 

Investigating Brooke Shields' Life: From Child Actor to Cultural Icon For many years,

the name Brooke Shields has been associated with talent, beauty, and controversy. 

Shields has spent the majority of her life in the spotlight, from her beginnings as a child actor to her rise to international stardom. 

But what is it like to develop as a girl in a culture where being a sexual object is the only way that you are defined? In her documentary, 

Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields, director Lana Wilson attempts to provide an answer to this question.

The documentary explores femininity through the lens of mass media and the Madonna-whore complex in addition to Shields' life. 

When Shields gave Wilson a hard drive containing thousands of video ,

clips and photos that had been painstakingly assembled by Teri Shields over many years,