Raising a godly generation requires proper discipline.

If you claim to be a disciple of Christ, then your faith ought to be evident in the way you raise your children.

In the same way that you are a mirror of God, so too are your children a reflection of you as a parent. 

 Make certain that while they are out in the world, they are acting in a manner that would make God happy and that you are monitoring their behavior to ensure that this is the case.

It is your duty as a Christian parent to see to it that your children are properly instructed in the Christian faith from an early age. 

This requires beginning the process of indoctrinating children with Christian principles and educating them about Jesus at an early age. 

It is essential to furnish them with a stable basis upon which they can construct the rest of their life.

One of the most effective methods to accomplish this is to demonstrate positive behavior oneself. If you want your children to understand what it means to be a follower of Christ, they need to see you putting your faith into practice every day. 

You must raise godly kids. Disciplined kids. Respecting elders and following the Bible. Your kids misbehave because of you. Use your Bible to raise kids God's way.