Rank of the Ghost's crew in Star Wars Rebel

The different Star Wars media forms have introduced a large number of characters. Computer games, comic books, television.  

shows, motion pictures, and books have all been influenced by the science fiction series. One of the most well-known animated. 

Television shows is Star Wars: Rebels. The Ghost's crew is the focus of the Star Wars television series, 

Which takes place between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Before the Rebellion officially begins, this group of. 

Aliens, humans, and a droid are merely attempting to survive the Empire. Each crew member contributes something unique, but they . 

All work together to improve the galaxy during a difficult period.The Ghost's crew is led by Garazeb Orrelios. He is a Lasat who, before.  

Joining the Ghost, managed to survive the destruction of his home world. He was an essential member of the Ghost's crew for missions that called for a stronger.

More combative individual. In order to free Lothal, he collaborated with the Ghost crew while also helping the larger Rebel alliance.