Rapper Supports Ja Morant Following New Gun Video

Some have called for a year-long NBA penalty after Ja Morant's latest gun video incident.

While others have defended the Grizzlies star. The NBA will likely settle in the middle, but rapper Blocboy JB. 

Thinks Morant did nothing wrong. Blocboy JB posted on his Instagram account that weapons are not.

Illegal and that Morant is not responsible for a gun in his name. The rapper posted "Free Ja.

Rappers have also commented on the newest Morant incident. As said, opinions are divided, but the NBA. 

Has yet to decide on a punishment.The first time Morant brandished a gun on Instagram live, he was suspended for eight games. While. 

There is no good news in this circumstance, Morant's ban will come early in the season, unlike last time.

Giving the Grizzlies more time to prepare for the games without him.