Recap of the Vanderpump Rules reunion: Let sleeping worms lay

This Vanderpump Rules season, which is in my opinion one of the best seasons of reality television ever, has been everything but. 

Ordinary That includes the fact that the proprietor of this website, Daddy Moneybags Vulture III, is allowing me to cover all three parts. 

Of the reunion, which he hasn't done in a long time. In the past, I detested recounting reunions since nothing ever happens. There. 

Isn't much to analyze save discussing their dresses—Ariana's revenge dress is arguably one of the most famous reunion outfits ever. Simply put, it comes down to who was loudest and who said.  

What about whom. Another conundrum presented by this reunion is that there can only be one right side. There is no way anyone on God's Green.

Internet could possibly defend Sandoval and Raquel after what they did to Ariana and the entire ensemble. It is abhorrent and beyond. 

Reproach Since everyone is attacking "Rachel," shouldn't we spread the hate to everyone else as well? This makes all the. 

Conversations somewhat monotonous and one-sided and gives real-life trolls like DJ James Kennedy and Lauren Kent free reign to talk and act however they choose.