Renfield sees Nicolas Cage in the role of Dracula.

R. M. Renfield, Dracula's patient, insect-eating minion, appears in Chris McKay's horror-comedy. 

Is given more attention, with Nicolas Cage's portrayal of the legendary vampire serving as the film's trump card.

The overall result is a bizarre mix of fast-paced action, cartoonish gore, and restrained humor.

Cage's usual flamboyant grandstanding is replaced by a supporting role in which less is ultimately more.

Renfield (Nicholas Hoult) and Dracula are imprisoned in an abandoned New Orleans hospital. 

The latter is recovering from a vampire hunter encounter that left him overdone. 

To introduce the characters, the film begins with a superb black and white reproduction of the 1931 classic Dracula.

Renfield joins a support group for those in abusive relationships and decides to help his fellow members.