38-year-old former WWE star admits he hates Roman Reigns.

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Cardona told Barstool Rasslin' whether he dislikes Reigns after Rhodes lost to The Bloodline leader

Roman Reigns was like Matt Cardona. See his remarks.

Matt Cardona has three WWE return requirements. After 14 years with the Stamford corporation, Matt Cardona was let go in April 2020. Cardona hasn't returned to RAW even though his wife, Chelsea Green

In the same Barstool Rasslin' interview, Cardona said he has three requirements to return to the organization.

Matt Cardona was released from his contract after spending nearly 14 years in the Stamford-based company. Although his wife, Chelsea Green, is now active on Monday Night RAW

Matt Cardona addressed possibly feuding with Cody Rhodes if he returns to the Stamford-based company