Robert Downey Jr.'s New Questionable Series Is Hated: 'Feels Gross'

Hollywood's A-lister can lose his position as the fan favorite by infuriating the audience needlessly as he launches his new show.

Robert Downey Jr. has grown to be one of Hollywood's top performers throughout the years.

His admirers adore him, he is always welcomed as a guest at events, and his acting wage long ago reached astronomical heights.

It's reasonable to say that the man who played Iron Man has been treated incredibly nicely so far in this century.

Undoubtedly, a huge success like this begins to creep into one's head and separate them from reality.

At least, that's what people have been saying about Robert Downey Jr. since it was recently revealed

that he would be starring in a brand-new series called Downey's Dream Cars on MAX (formerly HBO Max).

The one and only purpose of this show is to have Downey Jr. brag about his cars to the widest audience possible.