Robert Saleh: Jets among six to eight teams’ with realistic shot to win Super Bowl

With the addition of quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the expectations for the Jets have increased, and coach Robert Saleh acknowledged these expectations on Tuesday.

Before the team's second OTA session, Saleh mentioned the Super Bowl, which has not been said by a Jets coach in a while.

The Jets are one of the "six to eight teams" with a legitimate opportunity to win a Super Bowl, according to Robert Saleh.AP also see

"Rejuvenated" Aaron Rodgers achieving the ideal balance for the Jets, a must-see TV team.

Saleh stated, "In my opinion, I believe 32 coaches speak to their players each year about achieving a title.

"Only six or eight teams really have a chance to win, and I believe we are one of them," said the coach.

But unless we deal with it right now, none of it matters.

Although Rex Ryan didn't precisely predict that the Jets would win the Super Bowl,