Romeo Beckham's girlfriend Mia Regan models huge ring on wedding finger.

Ring location is no longer as important as it once was. We can't help but get excited when we witness a celebrity wearing a band

on that important finger. What is the example? Mia Regan, Romeo Beckham's model girlfriend,

displayed her glittering jewelry collection for all to see, including what appears to be some particularly special hand candy. 

Mia, who has been dating the middle Beckham son since high school, has amassed an impressive collection of It-girl gems.

All eyes were recently drawn to a large silver ring properly positioned on her wedding ring finger, generating speculation about the couple's relationship status.

However, it appears that wedding bells are still a long way off for Mia, who often experiments with her jewelry selection. 

Despite her brief breakup with Romeo last year, the Gen Z poster girl continued to wear her treasured silver jewel on her ring finger,

removing the customary connotations of doing so.The actress routinely takes effortlessly stylish selfies, some of which reveal the ring's absence.