Ronda Rousey challenges WWE to improve women's division

WWE women's match time is a major criticism. Pay-per-views commonly include women's matches in the pre-show. WWE must give women more time to perform to take them seriously.

 Poor scheduling is another concern of the women's division. Matches might become dull or predictable. WWE should schedule women's matchups with the same care and attention as men's contests.

The women's division's main issue is that they frequently seem like filler. They lack character development and narratives like men. WWE should give women more storylines and character development.

WWE needs more talented women. Independent ladies would make wonderful WWE women's division additions. WWE should sign more of these ladies to strengthen the division.

WWE's weekly programming promotes the women's division, but they could do better. Pay-per-views and other important events should promote the women's division. This will boost the division's popularity.

 WWE's women's products could need more. WWE should make it easy for fans to support their favorite female wrestlers.

 WWE may prove their commitment to the women's division by placing them on pay-per-view main events. This would show followers that women matter too.

WWE has brilliant writers, but they need more women. This would guarantee that the women's division is written with the same care and detail as the men's.

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