Russia Envoy Prioritize U.S. Border Crisis Over Ukraine Support

The Russian ambassador to the United States has recommended that the White House divert money intended for Ukraine's aid to the southern border, 

 where he claims additional funding is required to handle the country's ongoing migration crisis.

Ambassador Anatoly Antonov blasted the most recent American military supplies to Ukraine, 

 which included $300 million worth of munitions and weapons,

 in a statement uploaded to the Russian embassy's official Telegram channel on Wednesday. 

Russian government representatives frequently condemn Western military assistance to Kiev while Moscow continues its stalled invasion of the nation.

Since the start of Moscow's extensive invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the administration of President Joe Biden has allocated more than $75 billion in support to that country. Military funding accounts for around $44 billion.

The United States is by far the biggest Western donor of arms and ammunition to Ukraine, assistance that has been crucial in enabling Ukraine's survival and multiple successful counteroffensives.