Ryback recounts what John Cena told him before leaving WWE.

Ryback recently recalled a touching chat he had with John Cena just before his WWE leave.

Ryback let his WWE contract expire in 2016 after rejecting a new deal with the business.

One of the 41-year-old's most memorable storylines was when he turned heel and feuded with Cena following WrestleMania 29 in 2013.

Ryback claimed on Disco Inferno and Konnan's K100 show that Cena once complimented his attitude while they were in Saudi Arabia:

"We were in Saudi Arabia and Cena came up." We were not permitted to leave the hotel.

We were working out at the hotel gym. There was only myself and him in there. 'I have nothing but respect for you,' he says.

You've never been bothered by anything. You maintain an optimistic attitude. You've overcome every obstacle.'

All of this nonsense. It meant a great deal to me. He was being genuine."Former WWE adversaries squared off at Extreme Rules 2013 and Payback 2013,