Samantha Weinstein, a 'Carrie' actor and voice over artist, died at the age of 28 from ovarian cancer.

Samantha Weinstein, who acted in the 2013 adaptation of "Carrie" and voiced characters in other cartoons, has died. She was 28 at the time.

Her father, David Weinstein, revealed to USA TODAY on Thursday that she died of ovarian cancer on May 14 at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, Canada.

"We've been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love for Samantha," he stated. "She lived a full, charmed, and authentic life." 

She was very passionate about her art and worked up until her death, voicing animated characters and living as full a life as she could."

He also revealed that the photographs put on Samantha's unverified Instagram on May 15 were generated by the actress herself for use in her farewell post.

The photographs show her happy and floating through space. "After two and a half years of cancer treatment, and a lifetime of jet setting around the world, 

voicing a plethora of cartoon animals, making music, and knowing more about life than most people will ever know," the post says.

Weinstein continues to live a full life while enduring cancer treatment. She married Michael Knutson on October 29, 2022, and the couple honeymooned in Japan.