Showrunner Explains Season 8's Zombie Cure Scene

Ian Goldberg, the showrunner of Fear the Walking Dead, has spoken out about PADRE's dangerous decision ,

to pursue a treatment for the zombie virus and what it means for the show's future. In episode 2 of season 8 of Fear

the Walking Dead, PADRE Lieutenant Shrike permits Finch, Dwight and Sherry's son, to be bitten by a severed Walker skull.

Shrike's goal is to have June continue the research she has been conducting for PADRE in order to use radiation to treat the Walker virus.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Goldberg discussed the significance of the PADRE experiments on bit people

The storyline about curing the virus in Fear the Walking Dead. He went on to explain the potential repercussions of Shrike's choice to allow Finch to get bit. 

See what Goldberg had to say after the break: The Walking Dead universe has previously presented the concept of a cure,

As seen in Fear the Walking Dead's use of radiation to attempt and cure the Walker infection.