Showtime Pulls 'Vice' Episode on Ron DeSantis

Last week, Showtime abruptly withdrew an episode of its Vice newsmagazine that featured a segment on Florida Gov. 

Ron DeSantis' experience as a US Navy lawyer serving at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba.

The episode, the fourth of Vice's fourth season, was supposed to debut on May 28. However,

Showtime has withdrawn the episode and is now referring to the June 4 installment as episode four of the season.

On May 28, repeat programming replaced the canceled episode.

Mentions of the originally scheduled episode, titled "The Gitmo Candidate & Chipping Away," have been removed from Showtime's website and

press portal. An email to the press on May 24 stated that a screener of the episode was available; however, on May 30,

a follow-up email stated that a different segment, titled "Detransitioners & Draining the DRC," was episode four.