Sinead O'Connor's Music Industry Exile: Why? Her Controversial Moments Revealed

In 1987, Sinead O'Connor's debut album, "The Lion and the Cobra," launched the gifted Irish singer into the public eye. 

However, it wasn't until she added a cover of Prince's "Nothing Compares 2 U" on her second album in the early 1990s that she became well-known on a global scale.

She had a regular presence in the media thanks to her recognizable bald appearance, influential songs, and contentious behavior.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Sinead O'Connor's Supporters Are Concerned

O'Connor, like Lana Del Rey, is no stranger to controversy; she once refused to let the American national anthem be sung before a show

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she once abstained from the Grammy Awards. However, her action on the 1992 episode of Saturday Night Live would guarantee her exile from the business. 

Her challenging circumstances and tumultuous life have since played out in front of the public's eyes.

To ensure that nothing untoward would happen to her, O'Connor keeps her hair shaved in order to prevent being thought of as attractive. 

She continued by saying that the music industry has also had an impact on her decision to maintain an androgynous image.