Spider-Punk Hidden Detail Suggests Amazing Spider-Man Origin Story

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse introduced a new Spider-Punk origin idea. Spider-Man: 

Across the Spider-Verse returns to theaters after the huge success of Into the Spider-Verse.

The sequel included many new Spider-Man varieties, like the first. Daniel Kaluuya voices Spider-Punk, Hobie Brown.

However, @lighthawkhebi's Twitter observation has led to some intriguing Spider-Verse ideas about the web-slinger's origin.

Across the Spider-Verse doesn't explain Hobie's origin, therefore the hypothesis does.

The notion suggests Spider-Punk assassinated a police captain on his Earth.Spider-Punk's comics version has never killed a police officer. 

Spider-Punk killed despotic president Norman Osborn in the books. This notion has merit and may be expanded in Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse.

If Spider-Verse's Spider-Punk kills Captain Stacy or Jefferson Morales in his reality, Gwen and/or Miles would be affected, which might lead to further strife.