Sydney Sweeney Says She "Shocked" People With Post-Euphoria Choices, Including New Movie "Reality"

After getting her big break with Euphoria back in 2019, Sydney Sweeney is speaking out about her career choices and explaining why .

She feels she's "shocked" people with the roles she's chosen to play.

Sweeney took the opportunity to explain why she actively seeks to deviate from a certain type of role in a new interview with Variety to promote her new movie Reality,.

In which she plays real-life former intelligence specialist Reality Winner. This explanation may surprise some.

People frequently mistake me for Olivia Mossbacher from The White Lotus or Cassie Howard from Euphoria, according to Sweeney. 

They send me scripts exactly like that, they say.

Usually, the things I want that are different are the ones I have to fight for, like Reality.

Sweeney also revealed that, in order to disprove doubters, she had to audition for her Reality role "just like everyone else."