Tarot Reader Predicts May 2023 for All Zodiacs


This month will tempt you. It could be sexual or an addiction you want to avoid. You determine if your life can bear temptation.


Taurus, this is one of the saddest cards. This predicts heartache, grief, and loss in May. I hope it's not too life-changing.


May brings financial security. Maybe a raise or investment. Changing jobs could work! The 10 of Pentacles represents long-term financial prosperity, not just finding $20.


The Hierophant loves traditions, whether they're from childhood or your own. You may have to consider if you want to follow such traditions this month.


Never being alone makes it impossible to find out what you want. Use May to discover your true self. You may solve some mysteries.


You want to finish everything, but time is limited. May will bring time management issues. Gasp! This isn't Virgo! You'll survive. Do one item at a time (even better).


In the best manner, this month is quiet for you. If your life has been chaotic and dramatic, a pleasant May may be just what you need.


Scorpio, love awaits. If you're single, now's a fantastic time to ask out your crush or start dating apps because the Ace of Cups signifies love. Create and care for your relationship.