Taylor Sheridan's 'ridiculous' expenditure has led to the cancellation of 'Yellowstone.'

With the second half of Season 5 of "Yellowstone" premiering this fall, a new report claims that creator Taylor Sheridan's extravagant spending on

the set of the massively successful TV program has prompted "internal frustration."  

According to a Wall Street Journal article, Paramount and 101 Studios pay Sheridan, 52, tens of thousands of dollars per week to use his multiple firms and services,

including a "Cowboy Camp" to educate actors. This is on top of the money they pay him to write, direct, and produce his series. 

He charges $25 per head to rent his cattle to Paramount, and up to $50,000 a week to film on his ranches. 

Sheridan also charged the production company $3,000 to cover the wages of the wrangler who cared for his horses 1,600 miles away in Texas. 

His extravagant outlays can be somewhat attributed to his picky nature. For example, despite the dismay of 101 Studios' upper management,

he insisted on having his go-to farrier craft the show's horseshoes by flying him out from Texas for four nights.