Taylor Swift "emotional" during breakup song performance.

Taylor Swift bravely sang breakup ballads Sunday night after her split from Matty Healy.

One Soldier Field attendee tweeted on Monday that the "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" singer looked "on the verge of crying" while playing the 2016 track.

“Wondering if I dodged a bullet, or just lost the love of my life?” the Grammy winner, 33, sang with a shaky voice while sitting at a piano over the weekend.

“Someone tell her she doesn’t have to do it to herself if she’s not ready,” the Twitter user added. 

 “We can enjoy change, superman, dorothea, closure, and other songs (repeats) too.”

“I was there and seeing her this emotional almost made cry,” wrote another.

Healy's band, The 1975, performed "102," another sad song, in Vienna the following night.

“Between Taylor looking like she might cry during ‘I don’t Want to Live Forever’ and Matty playing ‘102’ it’s a sad time to be a Taylor and 1975 fan,” the social media user commented.