The 7-Day Spruce Up: Get Summer Ready

It's time to dust off your patio furniture and fire up your grill—the summer season is finally here. 

Day 1: Declutter and Deep Clean  

Start by decluttering your living spaces. Get rid of any unnecessary items, clean out closets, and organize storage areas. Once decluttered, deep clean your home, including floors, windows, and surfaces. 

Day 2: Outdoor Refresh

Spend the day sprucing up your outdoor areas. Clean your patio furniture, sweep the deck or patio, and remove any debris or dead plants. Add some colorful potted plants or flowers to brighten up the space. 

Day 3: Closet Makeover

Focus on your wardrobe by organizing your summer clothes. Pack away winter clothing and bring out your lighter attire. Donate or sell any clothes you no longer wear and consider adding some new summer essentials to your collection.

Day 4: Refresh Your Bedding

Switch to lighter bedding for the summer months. Wash and store any heavy comforters or blankets.  

Day 5: Outdoor Dining Prep

Get your outdoor dining area ready for summer gatherings. Clean your grill, check the gas or charcoal supply, and stock up on essential grilling tools. Set up an outdoor dining space with a fresh tablecloth, outdoor-friendly dishes, and utensils.

Day 6: Update Your Indoor Decor

Add some summer vibes to your indoor spaces. Swap out darker or heavy decor items for lighter and brighter ones.  

Day 7: Self-Care and Relaxation

Take a day to focus on self-care and relaxation. Treat yourself to a spa day at home, take a long bath, or spend time outdoors in nature.