The best zodiac lovers in a relationship, ranked


When Ariana Grande sang, 'I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it,' she may have been addressing the Leos in her audience.


Similarly, Aries will not back down from a challenge lightly. Known to like the rush of the chase, 


Pisces is the zodiac's hopeless romantic, so it's no surprise that they're at the front of the pack.


Find yourself a Gemini if you want to be swept off your feet.


Sagittarius is all about spontaneity, so get ready for a wild journey. 


A Scorpio might take you away in a passionate tornado of romance if you are willing to let go of control.


Though they may not express their emotions openly, a Capricorn will find other ways to make you feel loved and treasured.


A Virgo's love is manifested via deeds of service. Instead of flirting with you, they will be attentive to your slightest wants and sentiments


While the emotionally sensitive Cancerian may not be the first name that springs to mind when it comes to love, Libra is. 


While love is easy for Libra, commitment might be difficult. However, after they have decided to take the plunge, you will discover that their affectionate disposition is equally concerned with the physical as it is with the emotional. 


Taurus prefers to move slowly and steadily, which means you may need to nudge them out of their comfort zone every now and then and encourage them to take a leap of faith.


Aquarius isn't the worst lover in the zodiac; they just have a tougher difficulty being outspoken about their feelings and accepting love than others.