The biggest quarterback trades in NFL history

It seems appropriate to review the top quarterback deals in NFL history now that the historically significant trade between 

the Packers and Jets has finally been completed. Here are some of the league's most significant QB changes. 

(Take note that this only includes veteran agreements; transactions involving QB prospects that took place around draft weekend or soon after are not included.)

To surpass Conerly's Giants touchdown pass record (173), Phil Simms needed 13 seasons. 

Conerly was the Giants' starting quarterback for more than ten years before being acquired in 1948 for two Washington backup players. 

Conerly became available when Sammy Baugh was added to the Washington squad. The latter guided the Giants to

three NFL championship games and the 1956 championship while Vince Lombardi served as his offensive coordinator for a time.

Conerly, who competed against Johnny Unitas in 1958's "Greatest Game Ever Played,"