The Celtics and Bucks remembered classic NBA strategies as Magic Johnson stood by.

Magic Johnson voiced his "upset" that the playoff series between the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks had to stop. 

After a stressful Sunday that included two Game 7s, NBA fans may now finally breathe easy.  

The Boston Celtics prevailed over the Milwaukee Bucks in a grueling series to get to the Eastern.  

Conference Finals. The Dallas Mavericks shocked the entire world with a 33-point victory over the Phoenix Suns on the road.

Magic Johnson, a former member of the Los Angeles Lakers, openly expressed his "upset" at the conclusion of the. 

Bucks/Celtics playoff series. You'll comprehend why if you're an old-school basketball enthusiast. 

Johnson is obsessed with the playoffs, despite the fact that his Lakers did not get to the postseason. 

The Celtics/Bucks series is what has the Hall of Fame point guard on edge despite the fact that he seems to be enjoying the NBA postseason.