The Flash director wants Ezra Miller back for a sequel.

If a sequel was approved, The Flash director Andy Muschietti would not recast his troublesome star actor Ezra Miller.

Muschietti stated on The Discourse podcast that despite their recent legal issues,

He would still want to work with Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash in future films. Miller utilizes they/them pronouns.

In regards to collaborating with Miller once more, Muschietti remarked, "If (a sequel) happens, yes.

" Nobody, in my opinion, could have played that character as successfully as they did.

Although the other characterizations of the character are excellent, they really outdid themselves with this one. 

Additionally, as you mentioned, the two Barrys seem to fit the bill for the character.

Ezra was intelligent, dedicated, and the most professional (actor) during primary photography, according to Barbara Muschietti, who also produced her brother's superhero film.