'The Flash' Marketing: No Ezra Miller, But Lots of Batman and TV Spots

Ezra Miller traveled to Warner Bros. in late August 2022 for their initial meeting with film chairs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy.

The meeting came after months of legal and personal difficulties for the actor, with a spate of arrests and bad press threatening to ruin The Flash,

the $200 million film Miller had been committed to since 2014. Miller had previously apologized for their behavior,

which included trespassing and choking a lady in Iceland in a videotaped encounter, citing "complex mental health issues."

The issue on everyone's mind that August day: Could Miller stay out of trouble and out of the media long enough for The Flash to arrive in theaters safely?

After ten months, the answer appears to be yes. Miller has not only avoided the headlines,

but he is also nowhere to be spotted in the press as the picture nears its June 16 release date.

Instead of emphasizing its star, the studio has focused on the picture itself, promoting it to maybe unreasonable proportions.