The Identity of the Mystery Attacker Will Be Revealed on Tonight's NXT: Roxanne Perez

Fans are bracing themselves for the long-awaited unveiling of the unknown stranger who assaulted Roxanne Perez in tonight's WWE NXT saga, which promises to be an enthralling twist.

As the attention shifts to the throbbing WWE ring, the identity of the intriguing intruder will be revealed.

Last week, spectators witnessed a startling attack on Roxanne Perez as she departed the stage following her defeat in NXT's grueling Women's Championship tournament.

Just as the dust settled, an unknown assailant ambushed Perez, throwing the celebration into disarray for a brief while. Although WWE personnel hurried to contain the situation,

preventing the intruder from inflicting further harm, the perpetrator managed to flee before being identified.

The unknown assailant hasn't simply targeted Perez in her mayhem campaign. An eerie video aired during this weekend's NXT Battleground segment revealed a chilling insight.

The video showed a series of previous attacks on other important women on the roster, including Nikkita Lyons, Sol Ruca, Wendy Choo, and Dani Palmer.

The assailant claimed to claim responsibility for these attacks, clearly delighted in the fear and confusion she had sowed inside the division, and threatened to unveil herself this week.