The interview reveals the final days of Tina Turner.

Cher spoke out about Tina Turner's final days before her death at the age of 83.

During an appearance on MSNBC's The Beat With Ari Melber, the singer of Believe discussed the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll's illness and her farewell visit to her home.

When asked about her late buddy, Cher said, "I started going to visit her because she was my friend."

"I told myself, 'I need to invest this time in our friendship so she knows we haven't forgotten about her.'"

She went on to say of Tina, who was on dialysis due to kidney disease, "so we all took turns going and spending time with her and it made her happy."

"She fought this illness for so long, and she was as tough as you'd expect, but I know that near the end, she was in pain."

'I'm actually ready,' she said once. "I just don't want to put up with this any longer," the singer-actor recalled.

Cher recalls seeing the late singer at her new home in Switzerland for the first time and commented that Tina "was really happy" in her final days despite her illness.