The Last Of Us Introduced Joel's Season 2 Replacement.

In The Last of Us season 2, Joel will need to be replaced.

And season 1 already featured the ideal replacement from the video games.

Joel will need to be replaced in The Last of Us season 2, but his replacement has already been introduced.

The popular television adaptation of The Last of Us will need to replace Pedro Pascal's Joel as the series' lead character in its upcoming season.

Fortunately, the games handled Joel's replacement flawlessly. 

And the perfect replacement was already present in The Last of Us season 1.

Based on the critically acclaimed Naughty Dog video game, HBO's The Last of Us has been so successful that a second season has been announced. 

The Last of Us Part II, a contentious sequel to the first game that is known for fundamentally altering the franchise, will serve as the inspiration for Season 2.