The New Kinda Queer Barbie Movie Trailer Is Lit

Yesterday, Warner Bros. Pictures unveiled a brand-new trailer for the eagerly awaited Barbie Movie.

When Margot Robbie's Barbie asks the other dancing Barbies, "Do you guys ever think about dying?" she immediately wrecks a carefully orchestrated dance party.

A different Barbie (Kate McKinnon) so encourages her to break the flawless veil and enter the actual world in pursuit of "the truth about the universe.

" Barbie from Kate McKinnon offers Margot Robbie's Barbie the option of choosing between a Birkenstock, which symbolizes the real world, or a stiletto, 

which represents the Barbie world. Margot's Barbie initially says, "F*ck the Birkenstock, I'll take the heel,"

but Kate's Barbie encourages her to give it another shot. In order to learn from people

, Barbie and Ken set off on a journey to the real world while listening to The Indigo Girls' song "Closer to Fine."

But things don't always go as planned. Will Ferrell's portrayal of the CEO of Mattel commands the capture of Barbie and Ken, 

the two appear to have been detained in some iconic-looking mug photographs.