The Order 66 Survivor Ahsoka Villain Creates New Star Wars Trope

Baylan, Ahsoka's new nemesis, is an Order 66 survivor. He is a mysterious Force-user with an orange lightsaber.

The Ahsoka Disney+ TV project, which will star Lars Mikkelsen as the live-action Grand Admiral Thrawn -

and several other villains - is gaining steam. Baylan (played by the late Ray Stevenson) and Shin Hati (played by Ivanna Sakhno) 

are two mysterious Force-users who have been the subject of much speculation by Lucasfilm. 

These unique characters are known for their unusual orange lightsabers.Baylan Skoll is finally revealed in the latest issue of Empire Magazine.

According to Empire (via IGN), he "was once a Jedi before turning mercenary for hire after surviving Order 66."

This revelation provides context to the character's first appearance in Ahsoka, making their impending clash that much more personal - and,

of course, it increases the potential that Ahsoka and Baylan had a history from their time in the Jedi Order.