The Power Rangers' Deadliest Ranger took Tommy's position.

One of the most potent villainous Power Rangers was the franchise's ideal replacement for Tommy Oliver, the original Green .

Ranger in Mighty Morphin.The Green Ranger, the most powerful Ranger in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, is one of the.  

Series' most iconic characters. The closest thing to Tommy Oliver's replacement was Dino Thunder. Even after the Power events .

Rangers S.P.D., Tommy was still active in Ranger affairs according to the Power Rangers timeline. While J.J. Oliver, Tommy and Kat's.  

Son, provided a legacy for Tommy in the Power Rangers, Dino Thunder had the ideal replacement for the original Green .

Ranger.Power Rangers Dino Thunder wasn't a stand-alone plot like the other Disney Power Rangers programs; it was a legacy season.

Dino Thunder seems to carry on the Zordon Era with Tommy Oliver's reappearance as Dr. Oliver. Tommy ultimately returned to .

Being a Ranger as Dino Thunder's Black Ranger. The "Green With Evil" arc from Mighty Morphin felt strikingly similar to one other Dino Thunder narrative, which is interesting.