The real estate industry is being entered by Kendra Wilkinson. 

The home next door is currently being sold by Kendra Wilkinson. 

The reality star has entered the real estate industry. "Day by day, people respect me more. It's challenging.

She explained to Sam Rubin of KTLA 5 that the majority of people only know her from her 20 years on television. 

"Sometimes when I'm showing a client a home, neighbors will come out asking, 'Oh, my, are you buying anything? 'No, I'm the agent,' I reply. 

I simply need to keep going and let people know that I am now working in real estate.

For her program "Kendra Sells Hollywood," 

Wilkinson combines her extensive experience in television with her knowledge of real estate. 

On television, real estate may appear glamorous, but as the former "Girls Next Door" star pointed out,