The Rock Luke Hobbs in 'Fast and Furious' spin-off 

That's definitely one way to go about it. The Hollywood Reporter said that Dwayne Johnson will formally return to the Fast Saga as Luke Hobbs , 

in a brand-new stand-alone movie that will take place between the events of the recently released Fast X and the upcoming, 

still-untitled Fast and the Furious 11.The last time viewers saw Hobbs was in the post-credit scene of Fast X,

where he got a spooky message from the movie's main bad guy, Dante (Jason Momoa), 

who is on a mission to take down whomever he believes was responsible for the death of his father. 

Following a widely reported argument between Johnson and franchise star Vin Diesel, 

who claimed there was "no chance" Johnson would return for the movie, 

the presence was undoubtedly intriguing for fans who were not expecting to see Johnson in the movie.