The song and music video by Alica Schmidt have gone viral (VIDEO).

Alica Schmidt, a 24-year-old German sprinter and hurdler, has gained viral attention once again with a racing video on Instagram. 

Known as "the world's hottest track athlete," Schmidt's exceptional talent and striking looks have contributed to her popularity. 

With over 3.7 million followers on Instagram, she engages with fans through her captivating content. 

Schmidt has a background as a former fitness coach for Borussia Dortmund, a German Bundesliga team, and has also achieved success as a silver medalist in the Under-20 European Championships. 

In addition to her athletic pursuits, she models on the runway when not competing on the track. 

Schmidt recently shared a video of herself participating in the 400-meter dash at the 58th International Pentecost Sport Meeting in Germany. 

Despite finishing fourth in the event, her video has quickly gone viral, accumulating over 133K likes in just two days. 

Alica Schmidt continues to captivate audiences worldwide with her athletic prowess and striking appearance, making her a prominent figure on social media.