The Taylor Swift 'surprise' songs she should play at MetLife

According to Taylor Swift, each stop on her Eras tour will feature two unexpected songs for the audience.

Otherwise, the set lineup for this weekend's performances at Met Life Stadium is already known.

And what song does everyone want to hear her play? The one everyone has been anticipating? The one that she hasn't yet performed at all?

"Welcome to New York," of course! Here are a couple other songs that, if she played them,

would make our night as well as the reason why we'd want to hear that one.

Welcome to New York! "The lights are so bright, but they never blind me!" "Welcome to New York (New York), Taylor! We've been waiting for you," said the Swifites.

Another New York reference: she lived on Cornelia Street in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of the city.

"I casually mention in the car, 'I rent a flat on Cornelia Street.She actually did! Apparently, a townhouse at number 23 was the location.